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This site has only just started and is still under construction. To help it grow, we need contributions from people who have experienced either suffering from poor mental health themselves or supporting a friend or family member through poor mental health. If that’s you, we’d love you to write something for us! All you have to do to contribute is sign up for a username. For more info, see the “How it Works” heading below. For ideas on what to write about, look at the dot points just above that which list what this site hopes to achieve. If you see a dot point there that we haven’t achieved yet, you can write something about it yourself!

We’re also looking for a site name – vote or make suggestions here!


The idea for this website was hatched by a few friends who found that, while the amount of mental health information available in society is increasing and this is a very good thing, there is still a lack of information written by people living with mental health conditions and a lack of user-run sites which empower people to help themselves and their friends and family to support them. That’s not to say anything against the wealth of medical-based mental health sites out there: mental health conditions are medical conditions like any other, and everyone who experiences them needs medical treatment to help them through. But that’s only part of the picture. If they don’t also have effective self-help and self-care strategies and meaningful support from those around them, that medical treatment will not be able to work effectively.

If you are experiencing poor mental health symptoms, you need to see a doctor. But you also need to have self-care skills and people around you who can help you through. This website hopes to help with that by providing the following:

(please note as this site is still new we haven’t yet covered all these – if you can, please write something for us!!)

  • Advice for friends and family of people with mental health conditions on how they can provide effective support to their loved ones, both on a day to day basis and in crisis situations
  • Breaking down stigma and stereotypes by enabling people with no experience of poor mental health to learn what it is really like through reading real life stories
  • Advice on how to navigate medical and social support organisations to get the treatment you need
  • Providing a few fun distractions to cheer us all up (a big part of self-care and self-help) in the form of funny videos, memes, GIFs and music


This site is run by its users, and to function it needs lots and lots of things written by ordinary people like you! If you have a story to tell about mental health, or advice or information to share about it, PLEASE CONTRIBUTE! It could be about your own mental health or about your experience of supporting someone else with a mental health condition – but it must be based on your own lived experience.

To contribute, all you need to do is sign up for a username. You can choose what it is – use your name if you want (we suggest first name only), or you can come up with a cool handle for yourself.

You will also need to provide your location – just your country or state is fine, but this is important to know because medical and social situations are very different in different countries and this may affect your story. (e.g. if you want to suggest to other users that they sign up for a service that’s only available in your country, users from other countries need to know that).

Once you have your username, you will be able to submit articles and provide feedback and suggestions to admins.

If you don’t have a username, you can still provide feedback and suggestions anonymously.

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Us! And it works better if we pay for a proper web host, so if you’d like to contribute, please click here. If contributions exceed the cost of running the site, the excess will be donated to mental health charities (charity suggestions welcome).

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